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Bijapur, Kutnlra Shah of Bhaganagar and Nizam Padushah of
DaulatSbSd, these three came with their armies, destroyed
Aliya Ramaraja with the army, and upset the throne of
Vidyanagara. As the said NSdu-gmidu Busi Reddi was not able
to endure the tyranny of the Muhanimadans, he fled to
Gosuniiru-Anantapuram, in the Kandanarolu Taluk. The
deam and the weak people, having abandoned their homes
migrated to the neighbourhood of Vidyanagara,                       '

Kitfjat ofGadwul: Mae. Ua, 18-3-18, p. 98.

A MoM*Unan Nizam (?) of the north called Malik Ibharam
marched upon Ramappaya, the son-in-law of Krsnadevaraya 
but before he could reach Iregondi, Ramappaya 'advanced to'
meet him. and, having been wounded in the battle, died.

Atcmnt of the A'arafaii Kingi . L. S, M, pp. 315^.

Then AJiya Ramai-aja, who was managing the afiairs of the
kingdom in his capacity as Yuvaraja under Sada^ivaraya, was
destroyed with the army in a battle (fought near) the village of
Raksasi-Tangadi on the bank of the Krsna with the five
MdBBhahBof Deooan. Having 8et fire to all the temples at
InegondiandVirupakaa, they plundered the city of Vijava-
nagara. On that occasion the Muhamniadan army pillaged
the whole fangdom. So, the agrahSras which remained intact

uubl then were confiscated by the state.   The same happened
to Lebaka also.                                                               x r

Kaifiyot ,/l.mka: L. K. 44, p. 242.

Then began the rule of Aliya Ramaraja.    While he wa*

17 TS f i ' v lir the moilth of Vai^kha f ^tftn

Sl S' ^l6 CAprf-Kay 1564 A. D.) Alii Yaduk Shah, the kh,l
of Bijapur Kutubu _ Shah of Bhaganagar, and XiUm SnEh
Bhairy of Daulatabad, &e8e three king8( having united to

!  ffi the pargaya of Honugondadahalji